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We stock a variety of towbars and towing electrics to fit your Ford

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We offer towbars for a range of Ford models from the Ford Fiesta to custom Ford Transit models. All towbars are be mounted to the precise fixing points of your vehicle which are specified by the manufacturer.

Our Ford towbars are Type Approved where appropriate and come in a range of styles including: swan neck, detachable swan neck, flange and detachable flange - so you’re certain to find a Ford towbar that matches your needs.

All prices shown below include towbar fitting at your place of work or home. To get a price and book your towbar fitting, you can either search for your car below, enter your car reg details in the search box above.

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More about Ford towbars

Durable towbars especially for Ford cars

From the initial Ford Model A manufactured in 1903 all the way up to the super stylish Ford Mustang, Ford really is one of the most established car manufacturers in the UK and throughout the world. The company is no stranger to commercial vehicles - the first Ford van was manufactured in 1917! As well as reliable passenger cars such as the Ford Mondeo, the manufacturer also dabbles in supercars, producing the likes of the Ford GT and the now vintage Ford GT40.

Whether you’re looking to attach an industrial trailer to the back of your Ford Transit van or a caravan to your Ford Mondeo, we have the answer at Towbar Express.

The flange towbar can be used with all accessories, bumper guards and all cycle carriers, making it one of the most versatile Ford towbar choices out there. However, if your car has rear parking sensors fitted, you must avoid the fixed flangeball towbar, as Ford's sensors do tend to pick up the fixed flangeball towbar. You can have the detachable flangeball towbar.

The swan neck towbar, on the other hand, is sleek, compact and popular throughout the UK because they’re compatible with alko stabilisers and don’t require any modifications. It is available in fixed and detachable options for most models.

Ford C-Max Detachable Swan Neck Towbar