Flange Ball Towbars

The most versatile design of Towbar as it can be used with many towball mounted accessories.

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Flangeball Towbars

A strong and versatile Towbar.

A commonly used type of towbar in this country is the Flangeball Towbar where the towball is bolted to the towbar. 

*The actual towball (the part that is bolted on) on this type of towbar can be either black, gold or silver depending on the make of towbar. 



This is the most versatile design of towbar because it can be used with towball mounted accessories which are bolted behind the towball.

A flangeball towbar can be used with cycle carriers that have a mounting plate bolted behind the towball.  This means that the ball is left free, so you can carry bikes and tow at the same time.


The main downside to a Flangeball Towbar is that the neck and towball can be bulky so it doesn't look as neat as a Swan Neck Towbar.

It is also highly likely that if your car has parking sensors they will detect the towbar neck and beep all the time when you are in reverse.

In fact if your car has parking sensors, we wouldn't recommend fitting this type of towbar at all, unless you go for the more expensive Detachable Towbar.

    Cross Can be bulky.

    Cross Possibility of being picked up by parking aids.

    Cross Extended towball needed to use with an Al-Ko stabiliser, and some of the larger clamp on type cycle carriers.