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Electric Bike Carriers

Electric Bike Carriers

E-Bikes are becoming very popular and the transportation of them is where we'll help.

A towbar mounted cycle carrier is one of the best ways to tow e-bikes, as the towbars are mounted at a practical height and will take the weight of two to three electric bikes on the carrier. Most electric bike racks can carry 2-3 bikes with an average weight of 20kg each. A solid and quality cycle carrier will prevent too much rattling and annoying noise from occurring. Below are some quality bike racks which will carry e-bikes and make your journey an enjoyable one.

You may have many questions to ask in regards to towing e-bikes, however we are here to help with your questions. Below are some common questions and information that you will need to know about before you begin to tow e-bikes on your towbar mounted cycle carrier.

Frequently asked questions

Weight of a electric bike?

Maximum nose weight of the towbar?

Which bike rack should I use?

What are the laws and regulations?

What accessories should I use?

Do I need a number plate?

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Weight of a electric bike?

As you would know, the weight of a e-bike is greater than a normal bike and on average is around 6 kg more, this is due to the battery pack and the motor on the e-bike which is roughly 3kg. Most e-bikes are equipped with a removable battery pack which is beneficial for transportation of the e-bikes, making it easier for you to lift onto your bike carrier. There are actually bike ramps that attach to the cycle carrier so that you can just wheel your bike up the ramp onto the carrier. Click here for more information on electric bike accessories.

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Maximum nose weight of the towbar?

The nose weight is different for every towbar and manufacturer. You will need to check the nose weight of your towbar installation, or we can provide this information at the time of fitment or at the time of booking. The nose weight is different to the towing capacity of the vehicle. The towing capacity is determined by the manufacturer of your car. This is the amount you can pull along, whereas the nose weight is the vertical load from the top of the towbar.

We recommend you check the nose weight of the towbar to ensure that the e-bikes aren’t too heavy. You will have to know the total weight of your electric bikes plus that of your bike carrier. The weight of your bike carrier and electric bike weight allowance can be found in the product description on our website.

Which bike rack should I use?

As electric bikes are usually heavier than normal bikes you will find that some e-bike cycle carriers are equipped with a loading ramp which makes it much easier for you to load your bikes onto the carrier. We stock many times of e-bike carriers which can be found below. Some brands are; Thule, Pro User, Witter and Maxx Raxx.

Most electric bike carriers are made as an extension to your car. The manufacturers take into account the nose weight of the towbars at production and are heavily tested to ensure suitability and ensure that the carrier is actually lighter than a usual carrier to keep the weight amounts down.

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What are the laws and regulations in regard to towing e-bikes?

Most electric bikes are legal in the UK and are treated just the same as ordinary push bikes however there are some things you need to be aware of.

1. In the UK you must be over 14 years old to ride an electric bike.

2. You will not need a licence or need to register it or pay vehicle tax.

3. If your electric bike has a motor powerful than 250w or if it can assist your riding for more than 15.5mph then you will need to have it registered, insured and also taxed as a motor vehicle. You will also need a driving license and you need to wear a motorcycle helmet. If you are using your e-bike in Europe then you need to check the different laws as there are some slight differences; one being around a 10 percent margin on the maximum speed.

5. The cycle carrier will have a maximum weight allowance as will the towbar. The towbar will have a nose weight and you will need to check the specifications on your towbar as they are all different.

6. The cycle carrier must have working brake lights and indicator lights. It is not compulsory to have the fog lights or reverse lights. If your carrier has fog lights and reverse lights, then you will need the 13 pin electrics socket on your vehicle to connect these functions on your cycle carrier.

Electric bikes must meet the above regulations and then also follow the same regulations as a traditional bicycle.

What accessories should I choose?

We recommend you choose a loading ramp for the cycle carrier. With e-bikes being around 6kg more than a normal bike, it would be a handy to have one readily available to make it easier to load the electric bike onto the cycle carrier. Click here to view our accessories you can purchase with your cycle carriers.

Do I need a number plate?

If your e-bikes cover the number plate on your vehicle then you will need to attach a number plate to your cycle carrier. This is usually the case on hang on carriers where the bikes hang off a top bar and inevitably cover the number. In this case you will need a light-board to hang off the cycle carrier. If you have a stand on cycle carrier then the light board and number plate is visible on the carrier. We don't yet have number plates to purchase, so you will need to source a number plate elsewhere.

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