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Witter Cycle Carriers

We stock a range of both Witter Stand On Cycle Carriers and Witter Hang On Cycle Carriers.

Witter have a range of platform style bike racks that can hold from 2 to 4 bikes. All models benefit from the tilt forward function to allow easy access to the boot. Their bike racks vary in price to suit your budget and needs so you can be sure you're getting the right rack for you.

Stand On Witter Cycle Carriers

We stock the ZX200 series, ZX300 series and also the ZX500 series. These carriers can hold from 2 to 4 cycles and some of the can carry e-bikes and also fat bikes. They all come with the 7 pin adapter and the 13 pin adapter to suit your vehicle. Our fitters can bring the cycle carrier with them when fitting a Towbar and can assemble it for you too.

Hang On Witter Cycle Carriers

The advantage of the flangeball mounting is that, subject to clearance, you can carry bikes on the bike rack, and tow a trailer or caravan at the same time. However, this mounting can only be used on a flangeball type towbar, and the mounting plate can be quite bulky. So if your car has parking sensors it is very probable that they would pick up the towbar neck and the mounting plate. To avoid this, detachable flangeball towbars are available for some vehicles so you can remove the towbar neck when you are no longer using the cycle carrier. The only thing to be aware of here, is that the towbar neck with the cycle carrier plate attached can be quite cumbersome to handle.