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Towballs & Covers

If you're a keen tower or have requirements to tow heavy loads, then you know how important it is to keep your Towball in good condition. That's why we recommend using Towball covers to protect your Towball.

Towball covers are a simple yet effective way to protect your Towball from rust, dirt, and debris. Made from durable materials like heavy-duty plastic or rubber, these covers fit snugly over your Towball and provide a protective barrier against the elements when not in use.

Not only do Towball covers keep your Towball in great condition, but they also make it easier to hitch up your trailer or caravan. With a clean, rust-free towball, you can hitch up your load quickly and safely, giving you more time to enjoy your journey.

Investing in a Towball cover is recommended for anyone who values their towing equipment. Don't let rust and debris ruin your Towball – protect it with a high-quality Towball cover from the list below.

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