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We could write an essay to try and explain how Trailer Stability Control works with a trailer or caravan on your car.

It wouldn't be very interesting, so we thought we'd let the (ex) Top Gear boys show you instead.

In this episode they towed a caravan around the track first with a VW Tiguan, and then with a Mazda CX-5.

When the caravan was towed with the VW Tiguan it goes around the track flawlessly, and when it is towed with a Mazda CX-5 it falls over on the second corner.

The simple difference is that the VW has T-Esp and the Mazda doesn't!

If you watch the video from 40 seconds onwards, and especially at the 1 minute mark you can actually see the T-Esp working and applying the brakes and moving the back of the car around to stop the caravan from tipping over.  Even when the wheel falls off the caravan, it still won't get out of control!

We're sure that you're not planning on towing your trailer or caravan quickly around a race track anytime soon, but the safety aspect of activating the Trailer Stability Control on your car is clearly apparent.

This can only be done by having your towbar installed using Vehicle Specific Wiring.

This video from the Highways Agency shows just how quickly things can get out of control in a real world scenario.