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Ford S-Max

Ford pioneered the fun-to-drive MPV with the first S-Max a decade ago, and the latest model is an even more rounded product. It's stil fun to drive but is more comfortable, comes with luxury car-levels of tech, and is mostly a practical and versatile people carrier too.

When the S-MAX first went on sale in 2006, Ford proved you didn't need to sacrifice family practicality for driver enjoyment. Marrying the two creates not only one of the best-handling MPVs, but also one of the most appealing family cars on sale.

The easiest way to find the correct towbar for your car is to use our registration search above.

If your Ford S-Max has parking sensors fitted, we would strongly recommend that you have a detachable towbar fitted.  We have had issues with parking sensors picking up boith fixed flangeball and fixed swan neck towbars on this car.

2006 - 2015 models: This model can tow up to 1750kg, with a maximum nose weight of 90kg. All styles of towbar are available. The towbar fitment requires on non-visible bumper cut on standard models. Titanium X models do require a visible bumper cut at the lower edge of the bumper.

2015 onwards models: This model can tow up to 2000kg, with a maximum nose weight of 90kg. The fitment to this model differs depending on whether the vehicle has a spare whel fitted underneath. An non-visible bumper cut is required for vehicles with no spare wheel. If a spare is fitted underneath the car, the bumper cut becomes visible to allow clearance around the wheel.  Towbars are currently available in fixed flangeball, fixed swan neck, and detachable swan neck styles.

All of the towbars that we fit are mounted to the fixing points as specified by the car manufacturer, and are Type Approved where appropriate.

If you need to learn more about towbars, all of the information that you need is HERE.

All towbar prices shown on our website include fitting at your home or work. All of our fitters are employed directly by us. Unlike our competitors, we don't simply contact out the work to self employed fitters, or 3rd party companies.

We take care of the whole job from start to finish.

We come to you!

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7 Item(s)