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BMW X4 Towbars


The BMW X4 is a force to be reckoned with, loaded with TwinPower Turbo Engines and a wide stance for superior handling. The redesigned X4, with its new kidney grille design and full LED rear lights, provides a fierce look that is eye-catching and desirable.

The TwinPower Turbo engines provide a spirited power development with a spontaneous response, providing the driver with optimum driving pleasure. The BMW X4 is now equipped with the intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive system, this operates a smooth drive and distributes power to the front and rear wheels for added traction, driving dynamics and safety in nearly every driving situation.

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Please remember to check your vehicle's towing capacity shown on the VIN plate of your vehicle. If your car doesn't have a towing capacity, we cannot legally fit a Towbar to your vehicle.

We recommend you do this before booking as some vehicles have a slight variation where the Towbar won't fit (even though we may show some available) as you may be charged a call out fee.

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More about the BMW X4

The Servotronic, the variable sport steering, creates a direct and agile steering response; this then ensures a smoother turning of the wheel and improves handling when driving more dynamically. Parking the X4 has never been easier. The 8-speed Steptronic Sport Transmission is also a new addition to the X4; it offers an incredible sports gear change—both automatic and manual use the selector lever or gearshift paddles for comfortable coasting or incredibly dynamic driving.

With modern technology rapidly changing, BMW was ahead of the game, creating multiple in-car technologies to make the everyday drive an experience you won't forget.

The Intelligent Personal Assistant allows the driver to communicate with your vehicle using naturally spoken voice commands; it will enable the driver to operate numerous vehicle functions. It's also on hand to explain topics about your vehicle and help you gain a better understanding of the X4.

The Driving Assistant Professional is ideal for critical or monotonous traffic situations; the system provides enhanced comfort while increasing safety levels. On top of the standard driving assistant features include a Steering and Lane Control Assistant with extended functions, Emergency Stop Assistant and Lane Keeping Assist with active side collision protection.

BMW X4 Towbars

What's my Towing Capacity?

The BMW X4 has a generous towing capacity of around 2600KG; this gives the driver ample options of what they can hitch up to their towbar. Anything from a small trailer to a large caravan is possible when towing with the BMW X4; however, you should always check your VIN plate for an accurate reading before towing any equipment.

Which Towbar is best for my BMW X4?

Three different types of towbars are available for the BMW X4: the fixed flange towbar, the fixed swan neck towbar, and the detachable swan neck towbar.

The fixed flange towbar is a permanent style of towbar; its short and chunky design allows for a more compact style. The flange style is the only style of towbar that can be used with all styles of cycle carriers, as it is fitted with a plate that allows for all bolt-on accessories. If your X4 is fitted with rear sensors, this can cause a disturbance when in reverse, meaning the sensors wouldn't be able to warn drivers when there was an obstacle. If you tow an ALKO stabiliser, an ALKO tow ball would need to be purchased before towing.

The fixed swan neck towbar is the other style of permanent towbar; this style is much thinner and is popular due to its aesthetic. The fixed swan neck towbar is an excellent choice for those with rear parking sensors, as there is much more clearance between sensors and the towbar neck. Although there is still a chance, this could cause interference. The fixed swan neck is compatible with all clamp-on style cycle carriers, trailers and caravans. The fixed swan neck is also ALKO compatible, meaning there would be no need to purchase an ALKO tow ball when towing with an ALKO stabiliser.

The detachable swan neck towbar is the only towbar that can be removed when towing has been completed. Using a twist and push method, the towbar neck can be easily removed from its housing, leaving the towbar looking practically invisible. The electric socket will also flip up underneath the bumper to provide a tidy appearance. The detachable swan neck is compatible with all clamp-on styles of cycle carriers, trailers and caravans. The detachable swan neck is also ALKO compatible, so it does not need an ALKO tow ball to be able to tow any ALKO stabilisers.

Will it need a bumper cut?

When fitting a towbar to the BMW X4, there is no need to make any modifications to the vehicle's chassis or bumper; however, the bumper does need to be removed during the installation. If you're BMW X4 has been modified in any way or is not the standard bumper model, our towbar engineer may need to make alterations; this will always be discussed before the fitment begins.

How do I book a Towbar Fitment?

We know our customers lead busy lives, which is why our Engineers will come to your home or your place of work. You can choose whether you want your appointment to be in the morning between 8 am and 12 pm or in the afternoon between 12 pm and 6 pm. Our team will fit your Towbar at a time that’s convenient to you. Our towbar fitting service can take as little as one hour and up to four hours, depending on your vehicle.

To get a quote, all you need to do is search for your vehicle below or enter your registration number and postcode above. You can book your date, time, and location online, and we will take care of the rest. We will bring everything needed to complete the job in one appointment. If you order any Cycle Carriers or accessories with your Towbar, the Engineer will also bring those to the appointment.

Why choose Towbar Express?

Towbar Express have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we know exactly what you need! We employ all our Towbar Engineers, so we won’t just contract out the work to a 3rd party company. They are all trained to a high standard, and training is carried on throughout their employment with us to ensure they understand every aspect of every vehicle. New vehicles are released every year, and our Engineers are trained, and their knowledge is updated constantly.

We have over 5000 Trustpilot and google reviews from past customers who are happy with our work! Every day another 5-star review comes through, which is how we know we have happy customers and are doing a fantastic job!

BMW X4 Towbars