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Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Towbars

Landrover Rangerover Evoque

The all-new Land Rover Range Rover Evoque makes a statement with its distinctive coupe-like silhouette; the confident yet distinctive car uses its refined lines to create an unmistakable presence.

Equipped with modern-day technology, the Evoque is a popular choice as a family car and for those who love to head out and explore. Not only does it combine everyday capability with a confident off-road experience, but it has also enhanced technology to guide the driver through the entire journey.

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Checking your VIN Plate...

Please remember to check your vehicle's towing capacity shown on the VIN plate. If your car doesn't have a towing capacity, we cannot legally fit a Towbar to your vehicle. We recommend you do this before booking, as some vehicles vary throughout make and model (even though we may show some available).

which towbar is best for you?

More about the Range Rover Evoque

The Evoque was designed for those who don't want to stick to just tarmac; with the capability to handle all terrains, the SUV is perfect for heading out and going on adventures. The Evoque makes off-road driving easier and safer Equipped with All-Terrain Progress Control. The technology will maintain a low vehicle speed whilst the driver focuses on steering; ATPC automatically maintains a set speed during off-road driving, which will maximise traction. All the driver needs to do is concentrate on the terrain and where they are heading.

Another clever bit of technology on hand is the Terrain Response System. This system provides several driving modes; each will tune into the vehicle settings to ensure the best combination of traction and vehicle response for a particular terrain. Terrain response can be activation by turning a rotary controller, meaning that the driver doesn't need to take their attention away from the road.

Land Rover has created the Driver Assistance technology to help give the driver confidence through each part of their journey; from Lane Keep Assist to a 3D surround camera, there is no manoeuvre that needs to be made without this technology guiding you through it.

The 3D surround mirror allows the driver to see more than the front and back of the vehicle; the new 3D exterior perspectives off a 360- degree overhead. Manoeuvring begins a whole lot easier when you don't need to crane your neck over your shoulder to see where to park. The innovative ClearSight Ground view gives the driver confidence when scaling various terrains and tackling off-road views.

The Driver Condition Monitor is a great addition to the Evoque as the technology can detect if the driver is becoming drowsy by monitoring the steering inputs, brake and throttle pedal activity. If the technology deems it necessary, it will give the driver an early warning of when you need to break.

Land Rover Evoque Towbars

What’s the Towing Capacity of the Evoque?

The Land Rover Evoque has a towing weight of approximately 1600KG, giving the driver ample capacity to tow either a bike carrier or a small caravan. Please be aware that towing capacities can vary for different models, so please always check your VIN plate for an accurate reading.

Which Towbar is best for my Evoque?

The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque has plenty of options for picking a towbar, each Towbar offering the driver different ways of towing. The fixed flange is a permanent fixture on the vehicle, meaning that once fitted, it must remain on the vehicle; removing the towbar neck will speed up wear and tear and eliminate the warranty protection. The flange style towbar is fitted with a backing plate to the rear of the neck that allows for towbar accessories to be bolted to it. This provides the option of fitting a bolt-on cycle carrier or a bumper protector plate. If the Evoque is equipped with rear parking sensors, the fixed flange may not be a suitable choice due to the position of the Towbar and where the sensors sit; the Towbar is likely to cause an interference with the sensors when in reverse.

The fixed swan neck towbar is another permanent towbar fitting; this Towbar is usually chosen because of its thinner style neck. The swan neck towbar is less intrusive than the flange towbar and allows for more clearance between the towbar neck and rear parking sensors. The fixed swan neck towbar is ALKO compatible and can be used with all ALKO stabilisers.

The detachable swan neck towbar is a popular choice for those who have rear sensors fitted to their Evoque. This Towbar has a removable neck that can be removed with a twist and push action. Once the towbar neck is removed, the Towbar becomes practically invisible. This allows the vehicle's aesthetics to look untouched and means that the parking sensors can function as normal without any disturbance. The detachable swan neck can also be used with clamp-on style cycle carriers and ALKO stabilisers.

Will it need a bumper cut?

When fitting a towbar to the Evoque, a non-visible bumper cut is required on all towbar options. The modification will only be visible if looking directly underneath the bumper, as the cut will be made on the vehicle's undertray. Due to different bumper trims being available further modifications may be required on different trims. If you would like additional information on the bumper cuts or are unsure if you have a modified bumper, don't hesitate to contact our sales team, who will assist you further.

Land Rover Evoque Towbars

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