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The new Kia Niro is a crossover by design and hybrid by nature. This car allows you to experience the top qualities of a modern crossover: compact exterior, roomy and refined interior, blended with the best talents of a true hybrid. Perfect car for towing whether it be a caravan on your family holidays or a cycle carrier for a ride out on your bike.

Kia Niro Towbars

When a towbar is fitted to this vehicle, the bumper is removed and there will be a visible bumper cut. The Niro also offers the option of a tow bar and the ability to tow a braked trailer weighing up to 1,300kg. The towbars have a nose weight of 100kg which is perfect for cycle carriers especially carrying the e-bikes. We have the fixed swan neck towbar and both the detachable swan neck and the detachable flange towbars available.

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2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

Towbar Capacity

If you are looking for the towing capacity for a Kia Niro car then we're here to help. The towing capacity is a term used to describe the maximum weight a Kia Niro can tow. To ensure you are both safe and legal it is really important that you check the Kia Niro towing weight limit for the car.

All of the towbars that we fit are mounted to the fixing points as specified by the car manufacturer and are Type Approved where appropriate.

The easiest way to find the correct towbar for your car is to use our registration search above. All towbar prices shown on our website include fitting at your home or work.

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Kia Niro Towbars