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Tow-Trust Towbars LogoWe supply and fit the full range of towbars from Tow-Trust Towbars, you can get a price to fit a towbar for your car by entering your reg number and postcode above.

Tow-Trust Towbars are one of the UK's largest manufacturers of towbars and towing accessories. Based in Atherstone, Warwickshire the company has set about forging a strong reputation amongst the trade for supplying the highest quality products.

Tow-Trust Towbars have the same approach to the market that we have ourselves at Towbar Express. They have deliberately chosen to target the premium end of the market, and this means that they source only the best quality steel and use the latest technology for design and manufacturing processes. The Tow-Trust promise from start to finish is simple, 'absolute quality'.

In today's competitive market, every brand and manufacturer seem to make the claim for the quality of their product, yet we constantly hear headlines of how companies are trying to cut costs in order to cheapen the manufacturing process of their products. Cheaper manufacturing costs may lead to cheaply made products, a concept Tow-Trust have challenged through heavy investment in our production process. The whole Tow-Trust operation, from initial computer aided design right through to our high-grade packaging of each towbar, exhibits a remarkable attention to detail.

Tow-Trust Towbars Manufacturing

You may be forgiven for now expecting that this makes their products expensive, however their dedicated sales team constantly monitor their prices to ensure that they are competitively priced against all alternative manufacturers. Although their products may not be the cheapest on the market they offer true 'value for money'. We think anyone would agree that you cannot be the cheapest and the best at the same time, and for that very reason they have decided to become the best.

After all, ask yourself the question: with a safety critical component such as a towbar would you really want to rely on using the cheapest product?

Tow-Trust have been a quiet success in the towing industry for over 20 years and until relatively recently, it is fair to say that most people who require use of a towbar may only know of a few brands.

From commercial fleets to the private motorist who drives to the tip once a month, the demands of a towbar are relatively simple: that it is safe, fits well, looks good, and does the job it was intended for. Despite not seeming like a lot to ask, without the proper attention to detail and passion for the product it can be surprisingly difficult to find a towbar that ticks all the boxes and we believe this is where Tow-Trust comes in. In today's market where money is tight and competition is high, it turns out that quality is still a word that means something and with such dedication to producing quality, why would you trust anyone else?