Citroen Steps

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Citroen Steps

Available as Towing Steps and Non-Towing Steps for your Citroen Van. All steps are available in Black or Yellow.

Please note: with the 'Towing Steps', you must purchase the central tread. There are two options available; Fixed half tread or Full flip-up tread.

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Pro-Step Range and Central Treads

Towing Pro-Steps

The Towing Pro-Steps are designed specifically for the intended vehicle model, so the contour follows the bumper seamlessly. We will always recommend you purchase the central tread to ensure you achieve type approval articulation angles. (PRO-COUP or PRO-COUP-F).

Any vehicle requiring a towing Pro-Step must have a Tow Trust Towbar fitted because a towing Pro-Step bolt to the end plates of the Towbar, therefore it will not fit any other manufacturers towbar. (with the exception of PRO-UNI). It is fitted to the towbar end plates and ensures a rigid step that offers unbeatable strength under load pressure.

Central Treads / Spacers

Two central treads are available; a half tread and a full flip-up tread. Either tread should be used with the 'Towing Pro-Steps' as this will give the correct angle articulation allowing these to be Type-Approved.

The half tread option is fixed and provides a 4-hole faceplate and socket plate for use with any type of coupling, including standard towballs or Pin and Balls. These are unsuitable for use with PRO-UNI, height-adjustable towbars or height-adjustable couplings.

The full flip-up tread option offers a full central tread solution when not towing. These are designed to achieve type-approval articulation angles and provide 4 hole faceplate and socket plate. The full central tread must be used with a removable ball (on a ball and pin attachment) as the tread will not 'close' with the ball attached. It will close with just the pin attached. The full tread is not suitable with a standard towbar as the tread will not close fully. Please see the image.

These are unsuitable for use with PRO-UNI, height-adjustable towbars or height-adjustable couplings.


Non-Towing Pro-Steps

All Non-Towing PRO-STEPs are supplied as a triple tread. They have specific side arms mount the step to the vehicle chassis at the towbar mounting points. These Non-Towing Steps do not need type approval!

Universal (Pro-Uni) Steps

Some vehicles can have a universal step, and a specifically designed step is not needed. Please ask our customer service team for information on this. The universal treads are not unique to the driver or passenger side, keeping it simple. Longer Bolts are included as standard with PRO-UNI, and when purchasing a towbar, our engineers will fit this at the same appointment as your Towbar. These Universal Steps are supplied with a Spacer to improve articulation angles; you don't need any central tread.

Spacer 3

The Spacer 3 is available and essential if the central tread is not purchased. This is not the right way of doing things and will mean the step is not Type-Approved however; it is an alternative option as a minimum to allow some angle articulation. However, we wouldn't recommend this fitting.