Pro-Step Spacer3


This Pro-Step Spacer and Bolt Pack is available if you don't purchase the central tread. We would always recommend the central tread.

The Spacer3 provides extra angle articulation however is not type-approved as the articulation isn't great enough and won't achieve approved angles.

When purchasing a 'Towing Step' without the central tread, this Spacer should be purchased for a minimum clearance.

If you are purchasing a 'non-towing' step or a universal (Pro-Uni) step, then you will not need this Spacer as they are supplied with the step.

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  • Pro-Step Spacer & Bolt Pack
  • 1.5 Inch Spacer Plate + Bolts (M16 x 100 Bolts & Nyloc Nuts)
  • Provides Extra Clearance For The Towball Away From The Towbar Faceplate Giving Better Articulation angle When Fitted With PRO-STEP
  • Unpainted Aluminium Finish
  • For use With Tow-Trust Commercial Towbars and PRO-STEP