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Witter ZX108 Cycle Carrier

Witter ZX108 Cycle Carrier



Witter ZX108 Cycle Carrier

ZX108 Flangeball towbar mounted cycle carrier 3/4 bikes for vehicle with spare wheel overhang up to 187mm.

The Witter ZX108 is a basic cycle carrier for carrying 3 or 4 bikes.

It is designed to be used with a flangeball towbar, because it has a mounting plate which is permanently fixed behind the towball.

The cycle carrier has an angled frame so that it has enough clearance for vehicles with spare wheel overhang up to 187mm measure from the towbar faceplate to the back of the spare wheel.

This cycle carrier doesn't have any integrated clamps to secure the bikes, you just strap them on using bungie cords or something similar.

You should also consider the Witter ZX109 cycle carrier which is the same design, but has integrated clamps to secure the bikes.

  • For vehicles with a rear door mounted spare wheel (Maximum rear overhang 187mm Maximum capacity 65kg)
  • +800mm for ferry dimensions