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Peugeot 5008 Towbars

Peugeot 5008

The all-new 7-seater Peugeot 5008 is elegant, mature and strikes the perfect balance between power and refinement. Peugeot has amplified the technology in the 5008 with bundles of features, providing the driver with confidence and enjoyment on every drive.

Fitted with a compact steering wheel for improved handling and seven toggle switches, the 5008 has innovative technology at the touch of a button. The new 10" HD Central screen gives the driver peace of mind when on the road, linked with the Connected 3D Navigation, real-time traffic and risk areas from TomTom services.

If an accident does occur on the journey, Peugeot Connect SOS & Assistance is on hand to provide help when it's most needed. With a simple button press, the 5008 will put the driver straight through to the emergency services on the systems integrated phone. If the incident isn't an emergency, the Peugeot connect assistance can also connect you to a control centre where you will either get the issue resolved there and then or Peugeot assistance will be sent out to assist the driver roadside.

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Checking your VIN Plate...

Please remember to check your vehicle's towing capacity shown on the VIN plate. If your car doesn't have a towing capacity, we cannot legally fit a Towbar to your vehicle. We recommend you do this before booking, as some vehicles vary throughout make and model (even though we may show some available).

which towbar is best for you?

More about the Peugeot 5008

For those who love an adventure, the Connected 3D Navigation is the perfect addition to a motor, designed to make the journey easier and safer with live traffic, re-routing and valuable information such as fuel stations and parking availability. Long gone are the days of panicking about how to get to your destination, or where the next petrol station is, the Peugeot 5008 is equipped with the technology to do all the thinking for you.

The Advanced grip control is the perfect addition for those who explore in their free time, equipped with optimised traction control and Hill Assist Descent Control. The 5008 allows the driver to adapt the grip in the most difficult of driving conditions, including snow, mud or sand. If off-roading is what gets your adrenaline pumping, the optimised traction will support your every move and make the journey as smooth as possible. When journeying up steep slopes, the Hill Assist Descent Control offers an improved traction on the road or on difficult terrain. On top of that, the vehicle will regulate the speed depending on the slope angle, and the driver doesn’t have even to touch the brake or accelerator.

Peugeot 5008 Towbars

Which Towbar is best for my Peugeot 5008?

There are plenty of great options of towbars for the 5008, depending on your requirements for towing.

A fixed flange towbar is suitable for those who do not want to remove their towbar neck once they have finished towing; however, the chunky design of the Towbar can cause issues with rear parking sensors depending on the position of the sensors. The fixed flange is the perfect option if you fancy adding a bumper protector plate to your Towbar. The flange style towbar has a backing plate at the back of the Towbar, which allows for towbar accessories to be bolted on; this enables the Towbar to use the accessory and tow simultaneously.

The fixed swan neck towbar is another option for those who do not want to remove the neck of the Towbar at the end of towing. Although this is a more suitable option for vehicles with rear sensors, the thinner design of the Towbar allows for a larger clearance between the Towbar and sensors. Depending on the position of the parking sensors, a detachable towbar may still be required in order to avoid any interference between the parking sensors and the Towbar.

The detachable swan neck towbar is versatile; using a twist and lock mechanism, the towbar neck can be removed when towing has been completed. This allows the vehicle to return to its original aesthetics and avoids any interruption with the rear parking sensors. The swan neck style towbars are compatible with all the Thule cycle carriers listed on our website. The detachable swan neck towbar is also the only Towbar compatible with the 5008’s fitted with an Ad-Blue Tank.

What is the towing capacity on the Peugeot 5008?

The approximate towing capacity on the Peugeot 5008 is around 1100KG; however, this can differ due to the different models available. The most accurate method of finding your towing capacity for your vehicle is by checking your VIN plate located on the passenger door sill or underneath the bonnet.

To get an accurate towing capacity you should refer to your VIN plate.

Will my Peugeot 5008 need a bumper cut?

The modifications required for a towbar to be fitted to a Peugeot 5008 are very minimal. A non-visible bumper cut is needed; however, this would only be noticeable if looking directly underneath the chassis. Due to different bumper trims on the Peugeot 5008, there may likely need to be further modifications made on different trims; if you are unsure if this applies to your vehicle, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team, who will assist you further.

Peugeot 5008 Towbars

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How do I book a Towbar Fitment?

We know our customers lead busy lives, which is why our engineers will come to your home or your place of work. You can choose a morning appointment between 8 am and 12 pm or in the afternoon between 12 pm and 6 pm. Our team will fit your Towbar at a time that’s convenient to you. Our Towbar fitting service can take as little as one hour and up to four hours, depending on your vehicle.

To get a quote, all you need to do is search for your vehicle above or enter your registration number and postcode above. You can book your date, time, and location online, and we will take care of the rest. We will bring everything needed to complete the job in one appointment. If you order any Cycle Carriers or accessories with your Towbar, the Engineer will also bring those.