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The Mitsubishi Eclipse is the perfect combination of practicality and ‘pizzazz’.

With a sleek and sporty exterior, and an abundance of Japanese safety features, this SUV easily scores top marks alongside the more obvious choices of Landrover or Jeep when it comes to towing.

With a towing capacity of around 1600kg, the Mitsubishi Eclipse definitely rivals most SUVs, offering a sturdy drive in both manual drive and automatic. The vehicle is only available in petrol, but this doesn’t hinder its towing experience.

The price of a Mitsubishi Eclipse is also much more appealing than that of the BMW X4, but equally matched when it comes to its towing capability. Inside, the Eclipse offers plenty of head and leg room in both the front and the back of the vehicle.

The boot may be a little small, but the sliding rear bench offers additional space, making it the perfect space to store a cycle carrier when not in use.

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3 Item(s)