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Have a towbar fitted already?

Why not purchase a towbar mounted cycle carrier!?!

At this current time, we cannot travel around and enjoy the great outdoors as we always have! However, you can be prepared and organised for when the Government announce the lockdown restrictions are over.

We are all looking forward to getting back to the norm here at Towbar Express once it’s safe to do so! Getting back out there and enjoying the great outdoors either alone or with your family is definitely something to look forward to!

Since being outside and enjoying the beautiful countryside and scenery is a huge part of our lives, and once the lockdown restrictions are over, we are sure, like ourselves, we’ll be eager to get out there and ride with our families, make memories and feel good again!


What can you do now to prepare?

Do some research of places you think you’ll like to visit. Get the children involved and ask them to research places they may like to ride too! Give them ideas like riding to a waterfall, the coast, into the wood and build a fort, the possibilities are endless.

We have a range of cycle carriers available, carrying from just 1 bike to 5 bikes for the whole family. Whilst you’re at home, check and service your bikes in readiness, look at the cycle carrier options we provide and purchase that carrier.


Which cycle carrier?

There are hundreds of towbar mounted cycle carriers available, which may be a daunting experience. Our trained customer service representatives will be able to help you with your wants and needs and offer choices of the best options for you.

Some cycle carriers have single pin electrics whilst others have 13 pin electrics. You can use either electric options to match your vehicle. We do have electrical adapters available if you need. Some cycle carriers will lock your bikes to the rack and also lock your bike to the towbar keeping them safe at all times.


Are they safe and easy to use?

Absolutely! All cycle carriers we sell are thoroughly tested to ensure your safety, the safety of others on the road and of course your precious bikes from any damage and scratches.

They are simple to tow and are two types of carriers available, stand on carriers and hang on carriers. You will want something easy to use and something you don’t need tools – so that you can spend more time riding. We believe the easiest cycle carrier is a stand on, clamp on carrier. You simply place it on the towbar and push a handle down to secure it.


 Haven’t got a towbar?

We have special packages for those who would like both a towbar and cycle carrier! Our customer service team will help you with the best options for your vehicle. Once purchased our fitters will bring everything with them and show you how to use the cycle carrier and towbar together. Just enter your registration number and postcode into our website and you will receive an instant quote.



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