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Its time to ride with the kids!!!

Riding with the kids!!! With our towbar and cycle rack options, you can finally get out there and start enjoying all those adventures you’ve been wanting to do with your children.

Life gets in the way sometimes, however once you have a towbar and cycle rack fitted you are opening yourself up to adventurous days out. This is so much more fun than staying home and/or being bored!

We have some great tips to get you out riding, work on your fitness levels and enjoy your time with the kids. You can also let your hair down and show your children your riding skills and tricks!


Riding with the kids

We think you will all agree with us that children grow up far too quickly. You can either wait for them to grow up and leave the family home or you can go out now; have a towbar and cycle carrier fitted and start enjoying your days together.

Once you have the towbar fitted, you can attach the cycle carrier, load the bikes and go drive for your adventure. There are 1000’s of bike trails you can choose from around the country! Seize the Day and make the most of it! Wake up 30 mins earlier on a weekend or before settling back at home after work, get on your bikes and ride.

Some of you may say, “it isn’t that easy” however you may regret it later in life when the children have grown up and left home.

Riding with the kids

All our towbars are compatible with the cycle carriers we supply. Some of the cycle carriers clamp on the towbar and others bolt on. If you are unsure which cycle carrier or towbar to go with then please call our team at Towbar Express. Our customer service team have had comprehensive training and are able to help you with your questions and needs.

We have a range of towbar suppliers such as; Tow Trust, Witter, Brink, Westfalia and PCT Automotive. We also have a range of cycle carrier brands such as; Thule, Westfalia, Pro User and Cykell.

Riding with the kids

We usually have a discount code available when you order both a towbar and cycle carrier so please ensure to check out our website or call us and one of the team will be ready to handle your enquiries.


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