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Detachable Swan Neck Towbar

Detachable Swan Neck Towbar



(E Class Coupe/Cabriolet (C207) (Inc Sport & AMG Look))

2009 - 2017

  • Neck removable when not in use
  • No issues with reverse parking sensors
  • Compatible with ALKO Stabilisers
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Detachable swan neck towbar, where the neck of the towbar can be removed when not in use.

Detachable towbars avoid any issues with parking sensors picking up the tow bar neck, so ultimately if your car has reverse parking sensors this would be the best option for you.

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  • 7 Pin Electrics

    Single 7 Pin Electrics are fitted as default with a towbar installation.

    They provide power to operate the lights on a standard UK trailer or cycle carrier.

    If your trailer has reverse lights, or Alko-ATC Control fitted, you may need 13 pin electrics.

    Even if you are only using your towbar to support a cycle carrier you will still need these electrics to power the lights on the cycle carrier, or on a light board over the bikes.

    This is a legal requirement because bikes on the carrier may obscure the lights on your car.

  • Twin Electrics

    Twin Electrics (12S) Electrics are fitted in addition to the standard Single 7 Pin Socket if you will be towing a caravan built pre-2008 that has 2 power cables.

    The 12S socket provides power for:

    • Your caravan reverse lights.
    • A permanent 12 volt live feed to your caravan.
    • Live feeds to your caravan that are only live when your car engine is running to provide charge to your caravan battery etc.
  • 13 Pin Electrics

    13 Pin Electrics are fitted when you will be towing a caravan built from 2008 onwards.

    The 13 Pin socket combines the old style twin 7 pin sockets in to one.

    The socket provides all the power needed to operate the road lights on your trailer or caravan, and provides 12 volt power to operate all the other functions of your caravan.

    You can use a trailer or cycle carrier that has a 7 pin plug, but you would need an adaptor which is available in our Accessories section.

  • Vehicle Specific Wiring

    Each kit is designed specifically for the vehicle that it is fitted to, and rather than soldering or using 'Scotch Locks' to connect the towbar wiring, which is the case with universal aftermarket wiring, these kits interface with the vehicle systems in the same way as the vehicle manufacturer intended.

    If your vehicle is less than 3 years old, or is still within it's manufacturers warranty, you would need vehicle specific wiring to protect that warranty.

    Other towing functions such as Trailer Stability Control that are available on your car would be activated when vehicle specific wiring is fitted.

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