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Making the most of your towbar

Towing Accessories | A towbar is never really just a towbar. There are so many different accessories and towing electrics you can pair with your towbar - some of which are essential and others that are more of a bonus.

Here’s how to make the most of your towbar depending on how you intend to use it...

Cycle carriers

Towbar Express Cycle Carriers

You can put up to four bicycles on a cycle carrier - and they can be much safer than roof racks. It’s also possible to tow something and use a cycle carrier all at once. All you need is a flangeball towbar, as well as a cycle carrier with a suitable mounting base plate. The flangeball towbar allows enough room between the caravan / trailer and the cycle carrier. Some of the cycle carriers we offer include ‘hang on’ carriers where you simply hang the bike on a fully secure bar and a ‘stand on’ cycle carrier where the bikes are wedged safely into a purpose-built stand and then secured to the back of your vehicle.

Towbar Express AccessoriesTowing electrics

Towing electrics are vital if you’re towing a caravan or trailer - or even using a cycle carrier. They’re used to connect the rear lights of your car to whatever you’re towing. It’s illegal to tow a caravan or trailer if your rear lights aren’t working - so a towing electrics kit is essential. Newer car models will need purpose-built towing electrics, but older models should be fine with just a universal aftermarket electrics set. To find out which towing electrics your car needs, please click here.

Towball covers

Towball covers can save a lot of hassle when it comes to towbar maintenance. They’re designed to prevent grease and mud build up on the towball, ensuring everything works smoothly. At Towbar Express we offer both standard towball covers and alko towball covers specifically created for swan neck towbars.

Bumper guards

Towbar Express Bumper guards

These are a great way to protect the back of your car from being damaged by your caravan or trailer. They’re typically fitted behind a towball on a detachable or fixed flangeball towbar. The only downsides to bumper guards is they can’t be used with swan neck towbars, cycle carriers or if your car has reverse parking sensors. But we particularly recommend the Witter Z47 Heavy Duty Bumper Guard, which is fitted with two electrical socket mountings.

Towing AccessoriesCommercial vehicle accessories

If you own a van or any other commercial vehicle, then our accessories could come in handy. We stock everything from single-sided steps to heavy duty towing balls.

The steps are useful if you regularly use your vehicle to load or unload items on your vehicle roof. We stock the steps in left or right handed options, all of which are fitted with fabricated steel treads for extra grip in wet weather and muddy conditions. Our steps also include electrics sockets so you can still attach trailers to your van.

Looking for high quality accessories to go with your towbar? Check out our entire towbar accessories and towing electrics range today.

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