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Landrover Discovery 5 towbars now available

Landrover Discovery 5 Detachable Swan Neck and Fixed Flange towbars are now available on our website.

Starting from £43,495, the Landrover Discovery 5 is Landrovers newest addition to their model range. Engineering improvements for the all-new Disco include a 480kg weight reduction, 171g/km CO2 emissions, a new 237bhp version of the 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel with 369lb ft. And, of course, a class-leading 3.5-tonne towing capability.

We have the fixed flangeball towbars in stock and detachable swan neck towbars are now available. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Both towbars styles can tow up to 3500kg making the new Discovery a very capable heavy duty towing vehicle. The detachable towbar has a nose-weight of up to 195kg, and the fixed flangeball towbar has a nose-weight up to a massive 350kg.

The car has numerous built in safety features such as Trailer Stability Control, so we only fit towbars to this car using the vehicle specific wiring to activate these features and to protect the car's warranty from Landrover.

To fit either towbar option, there is a cut required to the lower centre bumper section as marked in the diagram below.

The fixed flangeball towbar only has a minimal cut, so this isn't really an issue as it's neat enough to do. Although you can, if you wish to, buy a pre-cut panel from the dealer, but it's not necessary for the fixed towbar.

Landrover Discovery 5 fixed flangeball towbar

The detachable towbar is another story. It requires a larger cut, so we strongly recommend that you purchase a new centre section for the bumper which has a cut out for the towbar neck.

Landrover Discovery 5 Detachable Swan Neck Towbar

Please note there are three different part numbers depending on the colour of the bumper on your car. When ordering a detachable towbar, you can add this to your basket as an accessory.

Landrovery Discovery 5 Towbar Bumper Centre Panel

The part numbers from Landrover are:

For a fixed multi-height flangeball towbar (optional):

LR083033 for Dark Techno, £69

LR083034 for White Silver, £69

LR083035 for Anthracite, £69

LR082881 for Indus Silver, £122

For a detachable swan neck towbar (required):

LR083036 for Dark Techno, £75

LR083037 for White Silver, £75

LR083038 for Anthracite, £75

LR082880 for Indus Silver, £122

Landrover Discovery 5 Towbar Bumper Panel

Landrover Discovery 5 Bumper Panel




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