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Types of Towbar

Types of Towbar

15 June 2021

Make sure you get the right towbar for the job

There are 2 styles of towbar available.  You can choose between either a flange ball towbar, where the towbar has a faceplate with the towball bolted to it, or you can get a swan neck towbar which has a one piece neck with the towball attached.

Either option can be available as a detachable option where the neck can be removed from the towbar when you are not using it.

Please note that not all styles of towbar are available for every vehicle.  You can use our registration search above to find the towbar types that are available for your car.

  Flangeball Towbar Swan Neck Towbar
Alko Stabiliser Compatible Accessory Required Tick
Use with Bumper Guard Tick Cross
Compact Cross Tick
Available as detachable Tick Tick
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Towbar Options...

The Flangeball Towbar was the most common option used in this country.  However, due to more vehicles having parking sensors fitted as standard it is being used less and less because of the chance that the parking sensors will pick up the flangeball.

Swan Neck Towbars were traditionally used in Europe and are becoming more popular in this country becasue they are neater, and more compact, so they look better on the car.

The downside to the swan neck design is that it is not compatible with towball mounted accessories such as bumper guards and certain cycle carriers.

The upside is the swan neck towbars are compatible with Alko Stabilisers without needing to buy an Alko Towball.

Each style of towbar is available as a detachable option which gives you the best of both worlds. A towbar when you need it, but not when you don't.


Our aim is to be the best...not the cheapest!

Remember that towbars are not all the same, if you were to look around different companies, you would find that prices for a towbar on the same type of vehicle may vary by as much as £100. This is because each company will be using different makes of towbars and different qualities of electric kits and fittings.

Also consider who is the person who will be fitting your towbar. We employ skilled towbar technicians, not anyone we can find on minimum wage. We directly employ all of our fitters, Towbar Express is not a franchise, and we don't contract out any work to third party companies. When we fit your towbar you deal directly with us from your first enquiry through to the completion of the work.


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