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Don't leave it until the last minute

Family Holidays | It's that time of year, the kids have broken up from school, and everyone wants to get away on their holidays.

It's also that time of year when we get customers booking in to have a towbar fitted on a Friday morning when they are towing a caravan for their annual holiday on a Friday afternoon. Sounds crazy, but it's true. #familyholidays

Passport - Family HolidaysYou wouldn't leave it until the day before your holiday to order your passport. Or at least if you did, you'd hardly be in a position to complain when your holiday was delayed. And yet every year we get several customers where for one reason or another, it wasn't possible to fit their tow bar on the first attempt, and we get the response "But I'm going on my caravan holiday this afternoon."

Fitting a towbar is not a simple process like fitting a new tyre, or changing a windscreen wiper. It is a complicated job which takes time, and sometimes more than one visit. So please, please, don't leave it until the last minute to have your towbar fitted. But, if that's what you choose to do, please don't blame us when your holiday is delayed as a result. No, we won't pay for your missed holiday booking, or offer you compensation, it was, after all, your choice to leave the fitting of your towbar until the last minute.

Detachable Towbar- Family HolidaysIt's a common issue, you get to the end of the towing season, you pack the caravan away into storage for the winter, and at some point, you change your car, and need a new towbar fitting.

Our best advice is not even to plan to use your towbar until it is fitted and you have tested it for compatibility with whatever you intend to tow. At the very least have your towbar fitted a month before you intend to use it.

That way you can get the caravan out, test the electrics are all working correctly, and have a trial run before your main holiday. Give your self a chance to iron out any problems, and give us a chance to help you out where we can.

You need to check things, like is your caravan stabiliser compatible with your new towbar, and do you know how to use the towbar correctly? It may sound silly, but one of the most common phone calls we get on a Friday afternoon, is that 'my detachable towbar neck has broken', when it's simply not being used correctly.

Why create yourself needless stress and hassle, when all you want to do is get away for a relaxing break?


Family Holidays


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