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MaxxRaxx Hang On Cycle Carriers

MaxxRaxx Cycle Carrier mounted on a carMaxxRaxx Cycle Carriers are available to carry up to 5 bikes with a strong mounting on the vehicle towbar.

These cycle carriers are a simple but very effective design, with built-in security for your bikes. They were recently awarded 'Best tow bar mounted bike racks' from Auto Express.

MaxxRaxx Cycle Carriers are available in two mounting styles; The first has a mounting plate which is bolted behind the towball on a flangeball towbar. This is known as the flangeball mounting carrier.

The second option is known as the MaxxRaxx Easyfixx. With this option, the cycle carrier is clamped directly on to the towball on your towbar, so no separate mounting plate is needed.

So why should you choose either option?

The advantage of the flangeball mounting is that, subject to clearance, you can carry bikes on the bike rack, and tow a trailer or caravan at the same time. However, this mounting can only be used on a flangeball type towbar, and the mounting plate can be quite bulky. So if your car has parking sensors it is very probable that they would pick up the towbar neck and the mounting plate.

To avoid this, detachable flangeball towbars are available for some vehicles so you can remove the towbar neck when you are no longer using the cycle carrier. The only thing to be aware of here, is that the towbar neck with the cycle carrier plate attached can be quite cumbersome to handle.

If you don't need to carry bikes and tow at the same time the simpler option would be the MaxxRaxx Easyfixx because it clamps directly to the towball without the need for a mounting plate.

Rear Mounted Spare Wheels

If your car has a spare wheel mounted on the rear door, MaxxRaxx Cycle Carriers are available with different offsets to dit around the spare wheel.

The standard carrier has no offset, so it is inline with the towbar, which is fine on a normal car. The carriers are also available with both a 150mm and a 250mm overhang. To determine which overhang you would need, you simply need to measure from the faceplate of your towbar, to the back edge of your spare wheel.


Quick and easy to fit to allow you to get on with enjoying your day.

  • Fix the rack to your car in minutes.
  • Ideal height for adding your bikes.
  • Once the ratchet webbing is laced up, your bikes are secured in place simply by tensioning the webbing with the built in ratchet.
  • After use, the rack takes up hardly any room when in storage, in our specially designed Kit Bag.


Don't risk scratching your car's paintwork

Finally, a way to carry bikes and be sure to protect your car!

Cycle carriers that are mounted onto the back of your car can easily damage your car and/or your bikes. Since the rack and bikes rest on the car, it is almost impossible to prevent some damage from occurring. Roof mounted racks may therefore seem like the sensible choice. They certainly keep the bike away from the car bodywork; however it soon becomes clear that they too present some difficulties. For many, it is just not possible to lift a full size bike all the way up onto the roof of a modern family car and even if it is possible, there is always the risk of slipping and doing serious damage to the car whilst struggling to lift the bikes up or down from the roof or while trying to fix them in place.

Tow bar mounted bike racks provide a solution that really works!

MaxxRaxx Tie Down SystemThese cycle carriers are designed to prevent any damage occurring to either the car or your bikes. The bikes are held clear of your vehicle and the rack’s top-beam is the ideal height for loading your bikes. Our unique design includes a special Cycle Cradle for each bike, ensuring they are kept apart whilst the ratchet strap holds them firmly in place to prevent any movement.

Unique Design

Unique patented Cycle Cradles and powerful ratchet strapping 

Your bikes are strapped down quickly and held in a firm grip.

The MaxxRaxx cycle carriers use our unique, specially designed and patented cradles, one for each bike. These allow us to use a strong and simple ratchet system (similar to that used on lorries to secure large loads) to hold the crossbar of each bike firmly onto their individual cradle. The system is quick and easy to use whilst being extremely effective in gripping your bikes, preventing any movement whilst the vehicle is in motion.

Not only can you load and unload your bikes in minutes, you can relax knowing that they are completely secure on the rack while you are driving.


All MaxxRaxx cycle carriers are manufactured from structural steel for maximum strength. Compared with many bike racks on the market today, which are made from thin walled steel or aluminium tubing, MaxxRaxx cycle carriers are extremely robust. In addition our bike racks are specially treated against rust and then powder coated to ensure optimum durability. Not only can you carry a full load of adult bikes, your MaxxRaxx cycle rack will also look great throughout the many years of use you will have from it.


Easy boot access with no need to remove your bikes.

  • Have you ever arrived at the ferry but your passport was in the boot?
  • Been on a long journey and the children wanted their toys?
  • Taken your dogs with you but they needed to get out for a walk - or more?
  • With most cycle carriers these problems would all be a nightmare but not so with this bike rack. It tilts, even when loaded, to allow full access to the rear hatch or boot of your vehicle.

    Even with a 4x4, when the rack is tilted the rear door can be opened up to 60 degrees providing easy access for the shopping, kids and dogs.

    Tow and Carry

    The cycle carrier gives you touring with flexibility and choice. Apart from our EasyFixx range of bike racks which mount directly on to the ball of your tow bar, all our other bike racks leave your tow ball free, allowing you to carry your bikes and tow your caravan or trailer, at the same time.

    There is a Towing Height Extension available to lift your bikes an additional 300mm to clear the jockey wheel handle, gas bottles etc. If you use an AL-KO stabiliser all our 2 bolt flange racks come with an AL-KO compatible Foot Plate to ensure adequate clearance when turning.


    Your Bikes are valuable.

  • Need to stretch your legs on a long journey?
  • Want to take time to enjoy a coffee at the services?
  • It makes good sense to secure your bikes to your vehicle by more than a few bungee cords. MaxxRaxx cycle carriers offer you peace of mind so that you can relax while your cycles are on the bike rack.